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    Please tell us about your broker

    Hello everyone, forgive me for asking such questions, but still, I am very interested in which broker you use for trading, and why did you choose it?
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    Can I be scammed in trading?

    Please tell me if brokers or trading platforms can deceive me, I’m just starting to trade and I don’t quite understand this, and how to understand that I fell for a scammer, if you help me, I will be grateful to you.
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    Need a broker to trade

    I have a dilemma, I chose the type of options trading for myself, and to be more precise, binary options, when I started looking for a broker on the Internet, it seemed that there are just a lot of them and they are all somehow different, in general, I can’t make a choice at all , maybe you can...
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    How to start trading binary options

    Good afternoon people, the question is the following, I found for myself one very cool type of income called binary options trading, but I don’t understand at all what I should do at first, that is, where should I start, can you please help me with this question , I will be grateful to you!
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    Is this type of trade legal?

    Hello guys, I have been looking for earnings on the Internet for a really long time and paid attention to trading, or rather not trading in binary options, please tell me how legal and profitable it is?