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    Can I trade forex without a broker?

    Transactions can only be made by brokers who are members of exchanges where currencies are traded. Do you need a forex broker to access a currency trading platform, professional traders usually choose from the ratings of us forex brokers. A warning US News reports that $6.5 trillion worth of...
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    Which forex trading firm is the most hip right now?

    One of the most crucial prerequisites for every trader's future successful and comfortable work on the Forex market is selecting a trustworthy and the finest Forex broker, which can be said with absolute certainty. Even experienced traders may find it challenging to choose the finest provider of...
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    Choosing a Forex broker

    Which brokerage firm to use to enter the global currency exchange market is a question for those who are already familiar with Forex. At the moment I use ic market, but someone decides to open an account with a company after studying there, someone wants to look for better conditions, someone...
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    What information do I require to begin trading Forex on my own?

    It will be useful for novice traders to study the fundamental data provided by the exchange, online brokers, and specialized Internet resources, as well as specialized literature before making the first transaction. This will help you get familiar with the online trading service and understand...
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    Ways to begin trading

    Hello, If you want to start trading forex for example, you should take courses because forex trading is no joke. If you want to start trading right now, then pay attention to pocket option review, this is a broker that will help you with binary options trading. Options trading is a simple...